Yokohama city holds first of six IR briefings


Yokohama city holds first of six IR briefings

Yokohama city has held the first of six public online briefings outlining its Integrated Resort (IR) plans.

The briefings come after the launch of Yokohama’s Request for Proposal (RFP) process on 21 January 2021, and aim to provide insight into the direction the city is taking with regards to the IR, including issues such as operator management and operator recruitment criteria.

Beginning on 5 February, the application period for accepting recruitment participation examination documents will conclude on 17 May, with a period for examining such documents to run from 1 June to 11 June. An operator is then expected to be chosen in the summer of 2021.

Following this selection, a development plan will be formulated, with the city council expected to vote by 22 March 2022, with an application to be made to the government the following month.

A total of six meetings have been scheduled between now and 14 March, with Deputy Mayor Toshihide Hirahara saying during the first briefing: “We hope that you will understand the various attractions of an IR, the job creation, positive impact on Yokohama’s economic development and the contribution to the city’s finances.

“I believe that this will be one of the sparks needed for economic recovery after coronavirus.”

Revenue from the IR is expected to promote tourism, and assist with problem gambling measures and social welfare.


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