YGAM partners with suicide-prevention charity PAPYRUS


YGAM partners with suicide-prevention charity PAPYRUS

Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust (YGAM) has entered into a partnership with suicide-prevention charity PAPYRUS to raise awareness of the harms affecting young people.

YGAM, the safer gambling charity, and PAPYRUS will work together to prevent future generations from experiencing harm, by exchanging resources and training sessions to spread each other’s main messages.

Staff members at YGAM have received SP-ARK training from PAPYRUS, for the charity to better understand approaches to discussing suicide, as well as reducing stigma surrounding the topic.

Similarly, members of the PAPYRUS team have undergone YGAM’s free training on gaming and gambling harms.

YGAM education manager for Greater London, Sandy Thompson, said: “It was fantastic to train more of our colleagues from PAPYRUS, working together to continue our shared commitment to improve young lives by increasing awareness around these crucial issues.

“Working together in partnership is a crucial step in highlighting these important areas and continuing to provide the support and information that our young people desperately need.”

PAPYRUS CEO Ged Flynn added: “By working in partnership with YGAM we are able to better understand how gaming and gambling can impact on a young person’s mental health and offer the appropriate support. We know this partnership will help save lives.”

The collaboration expands YGAM’s efforts to educate young people on the risks involved with gambling, announcing partnerships with English Premier League football clubs Burnley and Leeds United in recent months.


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