William Hill announces renewable energy drive


William Hill announces renewable energy drive

William Hill has announced that it has moved all of its UK electricity supply to renewable energy as part of the operator’s sustainability initiative drive.

The operator has switched from grid electricity in the UK to energy supplier Total Gas and Power, which now relies on 100% renewable green sourced electricity, including from solar, wind and hydroelectric.

William Hill said that by moving to a pure green supply, it will save around 61,500 tonnes of carbon dioxide over the three-year contract, which is the equivalent to 38,000 cars in the UK or 16,667 one-way flights from London to Las Vegas.

The initiative is one of several sustainability drives the operator is focusing on to become greener and less carbon-intensive, which also includes a full retail rollout of smart metering across its betting shops in 2021.

William Hill chief procurement officer David Medori said: “We have prioritised the environment as being extremely important to William Hill, and have committed to becoming a Carbon Neutral Business.

“We have established aggressive targets over five years in C02 reduction on energy, waste, transportation and water. All metrics are on target. We have an Environmental Management Forum for driving through key initiatives and ensuring these are on both operating and PLC Board agendas.»

Kindred also announced its focus to help with climate change back in October, committing to reducing business travel by 30% to help reach energy saving targets set by the Paris Agreement.

Earlier this month, William Hill reported a 16% year-on-year drop in net revenue for full-year 2020, down to £1.32bn ($1.81bn), citing the impact of the coronavirus pandemic.


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