Veikkaus to launch mandatory slot authentication in January


Veikkaus to launch mandatory slot authentication in January

Finnish gambling operator Veikkaus has announced it will introduce mandatory authentication on its land-based slot machines from 12 January 2021.

From January, it will be compulsory for any player to authenticate themselves before they play any of the Finnish gaming operator’s slot machines. The company announced last year that the tighter responsible gambling controls would be introduced in the future.

“Mandatory authentication is a very efficient way of preventing problem gambling and facilitating age limit controls,” commented Jari Heino, SVP, channels and sales.

“The players can also choose to ban their Slots Gaming completely as of 12 January 2021, if they wish. 

“Later, we will also be making other responsibility tools available for players. Compulsory authentication will be adopted at Veikkaus Arcades in summer 2021.”

Currently, the operator has closed a number of its slot machines on recommendation of the country’s Ministry of Social Affairs and Health. The deadlines for these closures was the 15 December, but a statement on the operator’s website said the “situation has not changed.”

Veikkaus operates in a total of 16 health care districts in Norway which are seeing higher numbers of COVID cases. The operator said if COVID cases reduce in those health care districts after 16 December then the slots can reopen.


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