UK TV channels urged to stop advertising gambling during the day


UK TV channels urged to stop advertising gambling during the day

The All-Party Parliamentary group (APPG) has penned an argument to a variety of TV channels, stating thatadvertising gambling during the day could harm the general public.

In the letter, the group said: “Gambling companies are sponsoring programmes which seek to glamorise gambling with the aim of targeting women and young people and encouraging them to gamble.”

Stressing that children gamblingis a major concern, the APPG highlighted previous Gambling Commission data that 55,000 11- to 16-year-olds have a gambling disorder, although the merits of this research have been questioned in the past

With the pandemic enforcing lockdowns, the group also pointed out that with children being at home more, they are at a greater risk of being exposed to adverts during the day.

The APPG feels gambling operators can over-glamorise gambling, which can target those affected by gambling addiction, further exasperating the issue.

The letter was addressed to multiple channels, which include ITV and Channel 5. The APPG mentioned that the show ‘Neighbours’ is sponsored by Gala Bingo and that is a “particularly prominent example of this”.

The group has called for an end to gambling sponsorship during daytime TV. It said it was “very concerned that television companies are promoting gambling.”