Two employees of The Star sacked and banned for misconduct


Two employees of The Star sacked and banned for misconduct

Two employees tasked with overseeing gaming at The Star have been banned from New South Wales casinos for five years after being sacked for serious misconduct.

The Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority (ILGA) has banned the pair from working at or entering a casino in the state after The Star alerted Liquor & Gaming NSW about the incidents.

Liquor & Gaming is currently working with the NSW Police Casino and Racing Unit in relation to the matters.

A female attendant – who admitted to having gambling issues – placed 28 bets on a gambling app while on shift at the casino.

She had worked at The Star for 11 years and admitted to frequently placing bets on her phone during work hours earlier this year.

Meanwhile, an off-duty male attendant was caught on CCTV disposing of illicit drugs in a public area of The Star. 

The substance was found by security below the City View Balcony, with the games dealer claiming he wanted to get rid of the drugs after finding them in his pocket. He was charged in court with possessing a prohibited drug in April this year.

ILGA chair Philip Crawford stated The Star was right to sack the employees, saying: «A casino special employee is a licensee engaged to supervise and facilitate gaming activities.

«These people help safeguard the integrity of casino operations from criminal influence, serious misconduct or exploitation and a special degree of trust is placed in them.»


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