Successful Nagasaki IR partner faces $1.5m in RFP costs


Successful Nagasaki IR partner faces $1.5m in RFP costs

The operator that wins out in the Nagasaki prefecture Integrated Resort RFP process will have to pay upwards of JPY168m ($1.5m) in administration costs.

The outlay was detailed by Councilman Norihiro Miyamoto at the opening of the prefectural general affairs council. It will encompass JPY158m to cover the RFP process and around JPY10m for background checks.

“There will be a basic agreement concluded between the prefecture and operator and in the end the operator will cover JPY158m of the burden,” commented Takeshi Komiya, director of the prefecture’s IR Promotion Division.

“That amount will cover the expenses of the RFP thus far and part of the expenses in integrating with the operator and working toward the development plan.”

As part of any successful proposal, operators will also be required to pay JPY20.5bn to acquire the 31-hectare resort site at Huis Ten Bosch (pictured) and contribute JPY14.7bn to improving local transport infrastructure.

The current five-strong candidate shortlist is to be whittled down to three before the next stage of assessment. All of those chosen to progress will have to pay around JPY10m in background checks, regardless of further movement. It is expected that this shortlist will be established by the end of March.

GGR Asia has had confirmation from local officials that the five groups currently in contention are: a consortium involving Oshidori International Holdings; Casinos Austria International Japan; Current Group; the Niki Chau Fwu (Parkview) Group; and One Kyushu, a consortium involving Pixel Companyz and Groupe Partouche SA.