Sportradar launches global detection system to clampdown against fraud in sport


Sportradar launches global detection system to clampdown against fraud in sport

Sportradar has announced the launch of a new Universal Fraud Detection System (UFDS) which will be made available to all sports federations and leagues from October.

Through the sports betting data supplier’s Integrity Services, the UFDS builds upon its existing bet monitoring system, which is in place to detect match-fixing across sport globally.

The current system monitored more than 600,000 matches in 2020 across 26 sports and the new UFDS aims to continue Sportradar’s aims to safeguard sport, with the new system to be funded by the supplier with the launch date set for October 2021.

Upon launch, any sports league or federation worldwide will be able to use it free of charge, and Sportradar will speak to sporting bodies before the launch date so they can understand the service better, while the supplier will continue to upscale its technology to be ready for the rollout.

The International Olympic Committee (IOC) gave its backing to the new system, while Sportradar is already in discussions with implementing UFDS with the current 70 partners that use the existing monitoring system.

Sportradar Group CEO Carsten Koerl said: “We believe that integrity is fundamental to public confidence in sport, and that wrongdoing at any tier of competition affects all levels of sports and its fans.

“By making this significant investment in integrity via the UFDS initiative, we are demonstrating our commitment to support the sustainability of sport around the globe.”

Sportradar’s integrity division aims to detect, investigate, and prevent betting-related match-fixing, and provides it’s monitoring and safeguarding services to the likes of FIFA, the National Football League (NFL) and the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI).


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