Nagasaki IR plans move forward, while Hokkaido reaffirms its distance


Nagasaki IR plans move forward, while Hokkaido reaffirms its distance

Oshidori International Development Ltd, one of four companies aiming for the Nagasaki IR bid, appointed Keigo Nakatani as its COO to help with their IR development. Nakatani has extensive experience in the advertising field, mostly aimed towards tourism. He also spent time in overseas IRs, further solidifying his suitability.

“Oshidori not only has the potential to build the leading IR resort within Asia but also fulfill its social responsibility to Nagasaki and Kyushu through the facility,” said company CEO Alejandro Yemenidjian.

Inside Asian Gaming reported Nakatani was chosen in part because Oshidori understands that an IR is a starter “to create a new society together with local people”. In light of that, the company wanted someone who could build local relationships, maximise potential and “convey that to the world”.

While Nagasaki’s IR plans are moving forward, Hokkaido still harbored some hope it might rejoin the bid for an IR.

The prefecture dropped out of the IR race in 2019.

Governor Naomichi Suzuki stated the prefecture will not participate due to environmental concerns. But Tomakomai hoped the extended application deadline might mean the city could rejoin the bid. But the governor shut down the idea, stating the ongoing Covid pandemic should be the priority.


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