Kindred publishes harmful gambling revenue of 4%


Kindred publishes harmful gambling revenue of 4%

Kindred Group has become the first gambling operator to publish the share of revenue derived from harmful gambling, reporting a 4% share of gross winnings revenue from high-risk players for Q4 2020.

The announcement comes amid the operator’s attempts to contribute to a fact-based dialogue about harmful gambling, with Kindred previously revealing ambitions to have zero percent of revenue from harmful gambling by 2023.

The figure was published alongside a 76% improvement effect after interventions, which is a measurement of the efficiency of the operator’s efforts to help affected customers regain control of their gambling.

Kindred said that approximately 98% of the players on its platforms gamble responsibly, adding that such figures on harmful gambling revenue will be updated quarterly.

“Our ambition is that zero percent of our share of revenue should come from harmful gambling, which we have worked towards for several years,” said Kindred Group CEO Henrik Tjärnström.

“We constantly strive to become even better at identifying players that exhibit risky gambling behaviour and guide them back to healthier gambling habits. We want gambling to be simple and enjoyable for everyone.

Kindred’s plan to achieve its zero percent ambition involves increased precision when identifying harmful gambling, improved support tools to encourage players towards healthier gambling, and clearer communication with players.

“Reducing harmful gambling in society is a long-term process which requires a fact-based, open, and constructive dialogue, not least with decision-makers,” added Tjärnström. “We want to contribute to that.

“The most important thing decision-makers can do right now is to reduce the flight to unlicensed gambling operators, who fail to provide players with any safety measures whatsoever. The so-called channelisation must increase.”


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