Gov. Sisolak details timeline for lifting of Nevada restrictions


Gov. Sisolak details timeline for lifting of Nevada restrictions

Nevada Gov. Steve Sisolak has issued a timeline for the lifting of COVID-19 restrictions throughout the state.

Sisolak confirmed that decision-making can shift from state to local governments on 1 May, should counties be able to demonstrate a decrease in COVID-19 rates by the end of April. Counties must also prove adequate hospital capacity and evidence they can continue an adequate level of testing. 

The loosening of restrictions begins on Monday, with gatherings able to increase from 50 to 100 people or 35% capacity, whichever is less. Bars and restaurants meanwhile will no longer require reservations, with up to six people able to be seated at one table. These restrictions will then be loosened further on 15 March, with a gathering cap of 250 people or 50% capacity, again whichever is less.

Sisolak stressed, however, that the state will continue to oversee certain restrictions, saying: “Even when we move to local management, specific statewide protocols will remain in place to mitigate the spread, including but not limited to the mask mandate and other social distancing requirements.

“While we are hopeful that trends will continue to decrease if all mitigation measures are followed, we must remain flexible — as we have done all along,” added Sisolak.

“We will continue to monitor data trends throughout this timeline and work closely with counties and local health authorities to evaluate next steps should a significant increase begin to occur.”


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