Gambling Commission extends deadline on remote customer interaction consultation


Gambling Commission extends deadline on remote customer interaction consultation

The Gambling Commission has announced it is extending the deadline on a consultation to gain feedback on how operators can strengthen their requirements to identify players at risk of gambling harm.

The remote customer interaction consultation and call for evidence was launched on 3 November, which called for views and feedback from consumers, those with lived experience, and other industry stakeholders, on the actions online operators should take to identify problem gamblers.

That includes improved affordability checks and actions needed for vulnerable consumers most at risk of gambling harm. The initial deadline for the consultation was 12 January 2021, but due to the high engagement since it was opened in early November, that has been pushed back until 9 February.

The extension allows more time for detailed feedback and “the strongest evidence base possible from consumers and other stakeholders.”

The consultation was set up initially last month, with the Gambling Commission citing its own evidence showing that the industry has not used its capability to identify problem gamblers sufficiently, with operators “not setting thresholds for action at appropriate levels.”

The consultation overview states: “As part of these new requirements, we propose that online gambling operators must act on information they have about a consumer’s vulnerability, and to introduce stronger requirements, including that operators must conduct defined affordability assessments at thresholds set by the Commission.”


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