Former employee sues Crown Resorts for mistreatment


Former employee sues Crown Resorts for mistreatment

Crown Resorts is being sued once again, this time by the former employee that helped kickstart the inquiry in New South Wales and question the company’s suitability to open a new casino in Barangaroo, Sydney. 

According to ABC News, Jenny Jiang was one of 19 Crown employees who were arrested in China for promoting illegal gambling. She helped expose the company’s conduct and mistreatment of the staff. Jiang said: “Crown operated in China without care to their staff. They have not been held accountable. I want justice.» She stated her future job prospects have also been hurt because she now has a criminal record in China. 

Jeremy King from Robinson Gill Lawyers, Jiang’s lawyer, added: «Jenny wants to shine a light on the practices of Crown and its alleged scant disregard for its staff and their welfare.» 

Jiang’s lawsuit follows the class action by shareholders, represented by Maurice Blackburn Lawyers, over alleged “deceptive conduct» after Crown told investors there were safety measures in place to prevent money laundering. The new class action follows the previous one, also filed by Maurice Blackburn after the company’s share price fell due to the arrest of the 19 employees (among which was Jiang). 


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