Entain reveals preventative approach to player protection


Entain reveals preventative approach to player protection

Entain has announced the completion of the initial stage of its preventative approach to customer protection, known as Advanced Protection and Care (ARC).

ARC aims to provide unprecedented safeguards for customers of Entain’s online gaming and sports betting brands, by minimising problems before they arise. The technology-driven approach relies on behavioural indicators to identify players potentially at risk. 

“We’re using our technology, leveraging our data and behavioural science, to deliver a fundamental shift in customer care,” said Peter Marcus, Entain group operations director, who is overseeing the development of ARC. 

“The real innovation is to apply hyper-personalisation, to customer protection — using insight into the individual behaviours of customers to manage their exposure to risk in real time.”

Entain since 2018 has monitored customer behaviour based on issues such as frequency of play and changes in spend patterns, but new markers like additional checks on fluctuations in stake levels, players chasing losses and erratic play during a single session are now being trialled.

The company will launch ARC initially in the UK in the summer of 2021, before offering it internationally from later in the year. Entain added that it aims to offer every customer a personalised playing experience and protection tailored to their individual risk profile.

“ARC is fundamental to our future strategy for sustainability and growth,” said Entain CEO Jette Nygaard-Andersen. “We are putting customers first, both by prioritizing their safety through our use of technology to limit individual exposure to risk, whilst also enhancing their experience across all our brands.

“We will do this not only in our traditional markets of sports betting and gaming, but also as we grow into new areas, like video gaming and esports as a global entertainment company.”


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