Consultation on Macau gaming amendments likely delayed to Q4


Consultation on Macau gaming amendments likely delayed to Q4

A public consultation on proposed gaming law amendments in Macau is likely to be delayed until after legislative elections in September.

Local gaming experts believe no such discussions will take place before 12 September at the earliest, according to comments made to Inside Asian Gaming.

The director of the Macao Games and Entertainment Mediators Association, Lam Kai Kuong, told the outlet that while details of the postponement have not been made public, it will certainly come to pass.

Lam said; «I believe the public consultation will not start before the election in order to avoid extraneous problems. Candidates must canvass local opinions about different topics in their political platforms, and it is not wise to make re-tendering one of the focus topics.»

A round of public consultation on the region’s gaming law was announced by Macau chief executive, Ho lat Seng, last year. These talks would precede a re-tendering process for the six existing gambling licences – all of which are to expire in June 2022. It is believed that the disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic is behind the mooted postponement.

Dr Zeng Zhonglu, professor at the Centre for Gaming and Tourism Studies of Macao Polytechnic Institute, also spoke on the matter to IAG.

Zheng said: «I think it is very likely (to start the public consultation of Macau’s gaming law after the September election. I believe the SAR Government has already prepared it, but does not want to launch it too early.»