Bristol City Council approves first-ever ban on gambling adverts


Bristol City Council approves first-ever ban on gambling adverts

Bristol City Council has approved its first-ever ban on gambling adverts, with fast food, alcohol and pay-day loans adverts also included in the new policy.

Despite potentially costing the council £150,000 (US$210,00) in lost revenue, cabinet members approved the advertising and sponsorship policy, prohibiting the aforementioned products from being displayed on digital screens, billboards, and bus shelters it owns.

The new rules cover social media channels and screens at various venues such as libraries, museums and customer service points throughout the city, as well as around 180 bus shelters and 17 hoardings. 

Green councillor Carla Denyer has welcomed the changes, but believes the council could do more, saying: “I’m glad they took on board a lot of our suggestions. I would like the council to go further, though.

“We need to see better regulation of all corporate outdoor advertising in the city, not just ones owned by the council — which means we need the council to create new advertising policies in its planning rules.”

A report to cabinet read: “In the absence of any suitable national standards or local authority precedents, the council would need to identify and restrict particular industries, goods or services.

“Because it would be the first authority to do so, formal public consultation would be necessary.”