Bayes Esports strengthens partnership with ESL Gaming


Bayes Esports strengthens partnership with ESL Gaming

Esports data company, Bayes Esports has decided to extend and enhance their deal with organiser ESL Gaming.

The current partnership already covers games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2, and this latest agreement will open up more of ESL Gaming’s portfolio.

In addition, the new deal will allow ESL Gaming to utilise more of Bayes’ data technology. With the aim of evolving Esports, this reinforcement will include more granular data technology that will enable a broader range of applications.

ESL Gaming has already started to use Bayes’ CARP parser, a technology that allows large amounts of data to be analysed and organised automatically.

Bayes believes this technology is an improvement on existing parsers as it can extract more data points with a higher quality. It also creates two-dimensional visualisations during live games, which show player positioning and trajectories.

Martin Dachselt, CEO of Bayes Esports, said that the new CARP parser is not only improving Bayes Esports but will also have a positive impact on fan experience.

“We’re able to offer an unprecedented depth of data on professional tournaments and games,” said Dachselt. “Based on this, new services and products can be developed that will lead to an ever-better spectator and fan experience in esports.”

Bernhard Mogk, SVP global business development at ESL Gaming added:  “We’re only looking for partners who want to set uniform standards with us and to drive esports forward with high-quality technologies.”